The bulk of the posts will be written by me, obviously, but I wanted to address the issue of having guest posts.


I am very happy to have some personal friends as well as people I’ve gotten to know over the years via the internet post on here. I already have one request from a friend, one of the nicest guys I know, and I look forward to getting him involved in the blog game.


IF anyone would like to write anything – be it a personal entry, some anecdote, a short story (truth be told, I would love to see someone write a serialized story that went over the course of a few weeks), a rant, a discussion on sports, or anything that tickles your fancy, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Tweet or email me your suggestions or ideas. You can most easily reach me by email at and, again, by Twitter @AvoidingTheClap. Those of you who know me personally, feel free to get in contact by other means if you are comfortable with that.


I appreciate the feedback I got on the format, too. I, personally, like some of the widgets on the sidebar, but I understand how they can become cluttered. Expect things to continually change as time marches on. I like to think that Avoid the Clap can act as a microcosm of life, and be complete and total chaos for a while and then become all kinds of awesome once I work though my psychosis. A personal recommendation, though feel free to do as you please, is to utilize the CTRL + scroll wheel to enlarge the text and general viewable area on the new theme. It is a little small, especially if you are using a large widescreen display like I am. Do as you please, just a friendly recommendation from your local jerkstore.

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  1. Well, admittedly, I haven’t quite figured that out yet (more specifically, I haven’t figured out yet how to “add” authors, or at least add contributors who are not a WordPress member). I know how I want to execute said operation. I would simply have the people email me whatever they were writing (assuming I agreed) and I would post it as a Guest post with a little bit of an intro to the author and give them all the credit.

    This will be primarily my blog. I would say 90% of the posts will be my doing, but I do want to allow some of my various friends and fellow frustrated writers an opportunity to write on here if they get the itch. Gotta encourage it where possible.

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