Some of you know my dog. Some of you do not. I was having a hard time today thinking what I wanted to write about. The I thought “hey, my posts are usually a few thousand words, and the saying goes ‘a picture is worth 1000 words,’ so why not show off Leonard?”

This is Lenny. Lenny was rescued from a puppy mill and rehabbed before being adopted out. He and his brother Squiggy were saved from a bad situation in West Virginia. No, you are not seeing things and it isn’t a cute trick – Lenny only has one ear. Well, technically he has the other ear, but it sustained an injury when he was born in the unsafe conditions and cauliflowered. His hearing is not impacted by it, he just looks a little silly at times.

Yes, he is adorable. No, you can not have him. He weighs 7.5 lbs. He is full-grown. He also has extra teeth and pretty stinky breath, but brushing his teeth regularly helps that.


Yeah, he knows he's cute.


All the sadness of the world can be seen in the eyes of a dog


Pure, unadulterated rascal


He was so insanely happy to be in the car


Yes, he can shame anyone.


I hope you enjoyed the Lenny show. Pens Preview: Kris Letang coming tomorrow night or Tuesday morning.

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