I’m not dead. I have some thoughts.

Y'all, I know I haven't written anything for quite, quite some time. That is going to change. I'm not promising I will write regularly or even a lot, but there's gonna be some writing. I have some thoughts about what's going on and Twitter just isn't the place for long-form thinking. Keep posted. I'll be... Continue Reading →

Everything is awful

So, it's been a while, hasn't it? This isn't awkward. It's only been close to 2 years since I wrote anything here. Who would have guessed that the last post (which was my most popular post ever) would have been so...prescient? And also, y'know, hopeful. As you may have noticed, the title to this entry... Continue Reading →

The Rant Was Due pt. 1

Cross-posted from a Twitter rant I did this morning while waiting at the eye doctor's office. This is part one of a #TheRantIsDue and #TheRantWasDue series of essays and, well, rants that needed to be said. -------- The Penguins, despite the results and sometimes lopsided scores, have actually been playing - relatively - well and... Continue Reading →

Identity, Imagination, and Iwata

As many of you have a likely heard by now, Mr. Satoru Iwata, the president of Nintendo, died on July 11 after a long battle with cancer. This entry...I think this is more for me and my mental health than anything. Mr. Iwata's passing really got me and I have been doing a lot of... Continue Reading →

Staring into the Abyss

The following is transcribed from a Twitter Rant I went on earlier today. It was very much a stream-of-consciousness type rant because I had just seen enough and needed to get the thoughts and feeling out of my mind and body. I prefaced it with Lewis Black's amazing hashtag, #TheRantIsDue. I don't expect to win... Continue Reading →

Penguins Postmortem: Part 1

On the bus with the kids end route to Raleigh for the visit to State. Just kinda musing to myself now about the Penguins and the NHL and life in general... 1. Ben Lovejoy is not a great defenseman. That's not the argument. Lovejoy is a more than competent bottom pair guy. He was a... Continue Reading →

Please read, watch, and vote

Hey guys, I don't do a lot of this type of promoting and begging, but the times they are a changing. My school is participating in the annual Fox50 Lipdub challenge and we have a chance of winning $10,000 for our school. We are a small school and getting the word out there is integral... Continue Reading →

The Penguins vs reality

The following is transcribed from a series of Tweets I made on Sunday afternoon. Guys, it's time for some #RealTalk Maybe this is a shock to you, but...*psssst* The Penguins are not going to win the Stanley Cup this year. They never were going to. This season was lost years ago when the at-that-time management... Continue Reading →

I’m not dead

Guys, Really, I'm not dead. I have paid to keep this domain alive this long. I just don't have time to write, but, given how this semester is shaping up, I fully expect I will need to write in order to save my sanity. So. Here we are. I'm not dead and, well, I'm not... Continue Reading →

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