Some people call me Walt. Some know me by other names. Call me whatever you like, just don’t call me late for supper.

I’m just your average traveling wise-man and occasional misanthrope; a fan of language and all the possibilities contained within the use of the English language (such as combing words that have no business being combined or playing with sounds for the sake of fun); a purveyor of oddities and strangeness in the world. I love many things deeply, I hate many things strongly, and I find all variety of ways to explain them.

This blog came about as the culmination of many different things all at one time. I have been involved in “new media journalism” for close to a decade and it was something I was looking at getting back into, at least casually. I used to be the head of a large (well, large for an independent) video game website, but that came to an end a few years ago due in large part to technical issues, not because the fire had left me. I have had a personal online journal otherwise since I was in high school, but that is considered my “private” journal at this point, whereas Avoid The Clap will be a public forum.

Welcome to the world.

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