9/17: Griggsy’s Gripes

Griggsy is back on his game and not a day too soon. It only seems fitting that I finally start getting my feet under me and Chris gets his next round of Gripes up the same day that the Penguins opened up training camp. I am trying to get all of the papers graded tonight... Continue Reading →

Back For The First Time

Folks, I have arrived in my new town and have mostly unpacked. I am still alive. I am doing well and, frankly, couldn't be happier. I am still doing some amount of unpacking and needing to pick up various supplies that I forgot to bring or buy in my recent trips to the local shopping...areas.... Continue Reading →

9/3: Griggsy’s Gripes

Griggsy is filling the void while I am crotch deep in packing and boxes and insanity. Ol' Walt is heading off on Wednesday and it's likely I will not be around until the following weekend at the earliest, but first - Griggsy. Also, thank baby Jesus for football. Here we go.   -----------   I’m... Continue Reading →

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