I’ve got a full day of things today, but if I get a few moments tonight (and can let my bile recede) I will discuss this more at length.


Youtube took the video down. Whatever.

On to the next one.

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  1. I’m still so angry that all that wants to come out of my mouth is a fuck-laden rant about how idiotic this call is. Then I turn on my tv this morning…. ESPN’s reaction to the blown Pirates call makes me as angry if not angrier as I was when the call was actually blown last night. They basically are pushing this aside by trying to say he was never tagged. I said it last night, if this had happened to the Yankees or the Phillies imagine how different the reaction would be. ‘He blew a call. It happens.’?????? In a race as close as the NL Central you can’t be saying things like that. The difference of a game is huge.

    It is absolutely unacceptable to miss a call like that. And don’t even get me started on the jackwagon Lugo and what he said after the game. What a bag of douche.

    Kill everything.

  2. vomit. this guy may have been a soccer or NHL ref at some point with that call. the braves guy didn’t even touch home plate.


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