Finishing Touches

So, I promised I would get new photos posted once the main construction of the pond was completed. Well, we’re at that stage. There are, of course, still some finishing touches and minor things to be done, but nothing that requires major time or construction. Some planters, some rock work, little decoration here and there, but the main construction is done. The final hurdle, which was cleared on Monday, was the construction of the waterfall. The waterfall is a 3-tier cascade of whiskey barrels (the bottom barrel is actually half of an old whiskey barrel – the middle and upper “barrels” are decorative planters that just happened to be a perfect size).

Yes, I do plan on including a wagon wheel and some clay jugs of “moonshine” around it. No, I don’t plan on hanging a cow skull on the fence.

With that, I give you the progression of the pond project:

Late April:

That deck should look familiar. This all needed removed and cleaned up before the work could begin.

After tearing down the pool and clearing away the wood and mess associated with some downed tree bits…


There is something rewarding about hard work like this. There’s also something about getting absolutely zero help for 90% of the project from your layabout brother. Once the excavation was completed and I was happy with it, the installation began. I lined the rim with sandbags and tamped down the rest.

Sand bags and sunshine. Two things that really don't belong in PA.

The sandbags were installed and the ground was ready. In lieu of an actual underliner that is sold in stores (and per the consult of some friends who do this type of stuff for a living), we decided to give it the “There, I Fixed It” treatment and used carpet padding.

Yes, carpet padding.

Once the carpet padding was installed (and that was quite the hilarious project, let me tell you), the actual rubber liner was installed.


The liner needed folded on the corners and edges worked out, but there was no stopping me from getting water in there.

We have water.

Little did I know, putting water into the pond would give me the single greatest lighting effect ever. Later that night I took a picture of the pond with the water in it. It gave birth to “Pond Hippo.” I love you, pond hippo.

I love you, Pond Hippo.

I took a few days off to let the liner get itself settled. I monkeyed with the edges and thought out the next moves. Naturally the next move became “purchase, haul, unload, and take by wheelbarrow 2+ tons of river rock with no help.” And that’s what I did.

So many rocks. Hey, there are plants, too!

Then after a bit of planning and thinking and testing, the waterfall.


And that brings us to this point…


Obviously there is still work to be done. I need to get the water clean(er), get the hoses and cords buried in the stone, finish under/beside the waterfall with some decoration, and other odds and ends, but the project is “finished” with regard to major construction.

Praise be.


5 thoughts on “Finishing Touches

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    1. I’m glad someone other than myself has been looking forward to the conclusion of this drama. I spent today hooking up some hardcore hillbilly filtration to clean the water out some. It’s going to be a long time coming, but it is a little cleaner.

      The irony in all of this – I’ll have worked and toiled and cussed for months, and, God willing, won’t be able to enjoy it because I may be going out of state for a job (I’ll gladly give up the pond for a job).

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