Come On, Come Out

As mentioned previously, I have been dealing with quite a bit in my personal life. I’m going through a major period of flux with a lot of uncertainty over the next few years. I’m making some moves and some choices with some pretty long tails on them and I can’t take them too lightly.

Those of you who know me in real life know that I’m wound pretty tight and am pretty serious about things at times. I sometimes lose sight of the simplicity I so desire in my world and let it get away from me. Today, thankfully, was not one of those days. Today I just had an incredible amount of peace and clarity.

I had to go to the store to pick up a new TV today (my previous TV had some technical issues internally regarding HDMI inputs and being able to switch signals thus rendering my PS3 unusable). We had absolutely gorgeous weather this evening. It was mid 70s, give or take, the sun was shining with some great periodic, fluffy cloud cover, a wonderful blue sky…and I just enjoyed driving around. I took the scenic route to the store (which is normally a 20 minute drive). I drove up through the country and just enjoyed the wind blowing through my hair and the warmth in the air and having my stereo up.

I love to match my music to my mood or to my surroundings. While I was initially enjoying the Hell out of some 90s Janet Jackson, I needed something a little better. Enter one of my favorite go-to records, “One Cell In the Sea” from A Fine Frenzy. Pretty much wherever I find myself or whatever I am doing, I can put that record on and get my mind right. It was almost too obvious and too perfect a song, but it really set the tone for my peaceful journey. “Come On, Come Out” has been one of those songs that sticks with me for a variety of reasons and I always use it when I am experience a shift in weather.

I absolutely love her. I love her voice so much and, frankly, she’s rather nice to look at, too. So much talent, though.

And I just peaced out to the record and enjoyed the whip of the wind and scent of woodsmoke in the air. I didn’t allow the moment to pass. There was, however, only one suitable end to it all.

Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” is one of those tracks I loved as a burgeoning young man and have really come to appreciate as I’ve entered into my older life. What can I say? I enjoy female vocalists in that indie, singer-songwriter, wonderfully dramatic, and sometimes smokey sound. Before you can ask, yes, I remember and still love Lisa Loeb.

It was so nice to have such a peaceful evening. I just enjoyed it so much that I wanted to keep driving. I just wanted to fill up the gas tank and drive until I couldn’t go any further and start a new life wherever I ended up. Had I had this song on the flash drive it would have been perfect (both in tone and keeping with the above theme, plus this unreal use in the final episode of “Six Feet Under” – obviously if you haven’t seen the show don’t click the video, less you be witness to spoilers).

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  1. Hey Walt, nice songs. I hadn’t heard of A Fine Frenzy, I’ll have to check out more. I love driving around and getting the song just right for the weather and your mood. It was overcast, kinda raining the other day and I was listening to The Horrors, matched my mood and the weather perfectly.

    I haven’t watched Six Feet Under yet, one of those shows I need to get to, so I won’t click that one.

    Keep up the great writing man, I’m really enjoying the blog so far. Hope you get some good job news soon.

    GO PENS.

    1. I am so glad I included the warning about spoilers in there about the Six Feet Under video. If you want, just search Youtube for “Breathe Me” by Sia.

      I got into A Fine Frenzy back in ’07 when her first album was being released. She got a ton of airplay on the local NPR station. I immediately fell in love with her sound and just how haunting “Almost Lover” is.

      For someone who never learned to play any instruments and only had a few years of choir practice, I sure do talk about music a lot.

      Jobs? What are these “jobs” you speak of? Actually, I have a lead on a related-without-it-being-teaching job that will provide nicely if I can get it.

      1. Sia, she’s awesome. I’ve got the album with that song on it, Aussie too!

        I love music too, despite only knowing basic chords on the guitar. You don’t need to know anything about music from a technical standpoint to appreciate good tunes. Music is in everyone to a point, it’s part of being human.

        Good luck with the related-without-it being-teaching job.

        1. I had a feeling that you would both know of her and her national heritage.

          Yeah, I’ll keep you posted on the job front. Hopefully this one comes through. It’s still part time, but it’s part time in a related field, especially for what I’m considering going to Grad School for, and pays well enough that I can finally get ahead of the game.

          Also, I will hopefully have the next Pens Preview up this weekend.

  2. Nice, the Pens previews have been great so far.

    The first time I heard of Sia was on Letterman strangely enough. Check it, great performance, amazing voice.

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