“Rules” & Expectations

I just wanted to set a few “ground rules” (if you can call them that) and some expectations

1. Do unto others.

I am not the be all and end all opinion here. Everyone has an opinion and a voice. I encourage you to express your opinion, be it the same or different than mine, but I also expect you to do so with decency and some level of intelligence. If you come in swinging for the fences with a holier-than-thou attitude and the “I’m a better fan because…” mindset you are going to get it brought down on you ten fold.


I make an effort to reply to everyone’s comments. I appreciate all the feedback. If I do not get to your comment, please don’t take it personally. It likely just slipped past me over the course of the day. I appreciate the comments, but I also expect the same treatment (as outlined above) of other commentators as I do of myself. Disagree, have a discussion, talk about things completely unrelated to the post – just do so with at least some level of human decency.

I have the comments currently set to open – no need for me to approve a comment. I will only delete comments if they are spam/grossly inappropriate/etc.

3. Smack talking.

I love to talk smack on everyone in the world who isn’t me, but I’d rather not start a war with other blogs. We all have problems with other people on the internet. The internet is serious business. Like the above statements – criticize, but make sure you have your case lined up.

4. Wang Chung

As one of my favorite improv comedy shows says – the “wang chung rule” simple means everybody have fun tonight.


Let’s have fun. Giving others the business is an art form. Work on your craft. If you are going to criticize, make sure you are ready for a fight. Have your case ready.

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