Griggsy? Griggsy!


Walt here. Just wanted to drop a quick update on Griggsy. After a bit of slamming my head into a wall I finally got things figured out and got Griggsy on the roll. He will be doing his own posts from here on out. If you want to keep in touch with him outside of the blog or give him direct feedback on his posts, you can do so on Twitter –@Griggsy96 or now by clap-free email,

So, even though he’s been posting here for a while, I’m finally happy to have Griggsy on board as an admin and with some free rein to post as he pleases.

Welcome aboard, sir. It truly is a pleasure to have you.

As always, you can follow the blog on Twitter at @AvoidingTheClap and by email at You can also follow me personal account at @walterflanagan (You’ll have to request to be followed by me – I keep that account locked because, well, it’s my personal account).

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